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Greg Palffy

Senior Portfolio Manager
Investment Management

Greg has gained 14 years of research and valuation experience with a focus in global EM HY credit and equities. His experience extends across the capital structure including EM HY Corporates, US HY Corporates, EM/US equities, EM distressed bonds and bank CoCos.​


During 2018-2019, Greg has managed a $250m global Corporate bond portfolio at Infinity Capital, Geneva. Earlier he worked four years at Zug based Pala Assets as Co-PM and generalist Credit Analyst, where he helped to manage GEM Corporate & Sovereign bond portfolio with AUM of $0.8bn. During 2009-2013 Greg worked as a publishing equity analyst at KBC, covering Eastern European pharma, telecom, agriculture stocks and was rated No.1-3 on Bloomberg return rankings in 2011&2012 thanks to his correct Sell recommendations. During 2006-2009 worked in Boston as a Senior Associate at Duff & Phelps’ Valuation Advisory Group and as an Equity Analyst at a L/S equity fund, Parlin Investments.


In 2020 Greg joined Cazadores Investments as a Portfolio Manager focusing on fixed income, in particular EM HY Corporates and Distressed

Our Team

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James Dedman

Managing Director
Investment Management

James Dedman began his career with Barclays Capital in 2008, working on the Fund Linked Derivatives desk before moving to Exotic Rates Structuring. He focused on pricing and creating bespoke structured products. He then joined Morgan Capital, in a proprietary trading role, and was made Partner after 3 years. Focusing on non-vanilla, fixed income investments, he was responsible for the funds first convertible arbitrage deal and first fixed income ETF creation/redemption. His main interest was relative value trade ideas and alpha generation through exotic derivative/option arbitrage


In 2015, James joined Cazadores Investments Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia as a Senior Portfolio Manager. Initially responsible for European investment strategy focusing on fixed income and convertibles he soon became responsible for overseeing Cazadores Investments funds managed globally across all asset classes


In 2017, expansion occurred with James creating an FCA regulated Investment Manager in the UK, focusing on family offices and other institutional clients 

In 2019, Cazadores launched its first quantitative investment strategy - Cazadores Commodity Alpha and became a registered member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in the U.S.

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Yaron Bull

Senior Portfolio Manager
Investment Management

Yaron Bull began his career with Paul E Schweder Miller in 1999, working as a trainee stock broker and trader. His roles included advising private clients on investments as well as executing trades in the market. In 2002 he moved to Cheviot Capital where he worked as a proprietary trader concentrating on UK markets. This involved taking short to medium term positions with a focus on the FTSE 100.


Yaron then moved on to Evolution Group in 2004 to join as a market maker concentrating on FTSE 250 stocks. Within 2 years he was running his own book of over 200 stocks, mainly in the technology and telecoms sectors. In 2012 Yaron joined Darwin Strategic to head up their trading division where he expanded their trading network as well as setting up a new back office structure. He also played a key role in the building and launching of, the world’s first crowdfunding platform dedicated to the AIM marketIn.


2016 Yaron joined Cazadores Investments as a Senior Portfolio Manager responsible for UK investment strategy focusing on equity and convertibles

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Joel Murang

Senior Portfolio Manager
Investment Management

Joel started his career with CIMB, South-East Asia’s largest investment bank, in the Structuring team where he developed bespoke investment products for the region’s largest asset managers, pension funds and insurance funds. In this role, he specialised in researching and implementing systematic trading strategies, from CDS index arbitrage to global equity momentum embedded in variable annuities.


In 2014 he joined the Commodities team as a trader, where his work in gold options was immediately recognised by The Asset magazine, winning the ‘Best Structured Investment Product – Commodities’ award. His role expanded to cover the entire commodities spectrum, facilitating the hedging needs of a wide range of clients, from plantations and oil refineries to central banks. While there he used his experience in commodity supply and demand fundamentals to develop a systematic trading strategy to extract alpha from the market​.


In 2019 Joel joined Cazadores Investments as a Portfolio Manager focusing on systematic commodity strategies

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Ryan Collins

Portfolio Manager
Investment Management

Ryan started his career with JN FInancial in 2012, as a junior trader on the equity derivatives desk

He gained exposure to trading the technicals of FTSE100 and 250 listed stocks before moving to Linear Investments and covering the trading of pan European listed equities, with a significant skew towards investing using equity fundamentals.

In 2014 Ryan was given the opportunity to build and manage his own book of private clients at Templeton Securities where he implemented skills and strategies learnt at JN Financial and Linear Investments.

Ryan moved to Pello Capital in 2015, where he worked with Institutional Funds and Private Family Offices to invest in the event driven equities space, including working with companies raising early to late-stage capital. He continuing to build and manage the portfolios of private clients, with fundamental trading of a medium term investment horizon.

In 2022 Ryan was welcomed to the buy-side at Cazadores Investments, joining the equities team to increase coverage of small to mid-cap UK equities, with a focus on Technology and Energy sectors.

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