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Cazadores Investments - $20mm CTA Capital Raise

I am pleased to announce that in August, Cazadores Commodity Alpha took onboard its first sizable allocation of $20,000,000

Our Commodity Alpha Programme aims to profit from dislocations in the commodities market via a long-short, market-neutral commodity strategy, using highly liquid futures. The strategy has low correlation to other Commodity Hedge Funds and CTAs, as well as low correlation to equity, bond and commodity markets.

We would like to thank our partners at Argyll & Buchanan, in particular Mel Sutton, for helping provide the Capital Introduction services and resulted in this allocation. We believe in long standing partnerships with both Investors and Service Providers, and this is a great example of such philosophy

Looking forward to seeing the platform launch of HedgeSync by Mel Sutton , exciting developments for the hedge fund world!


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